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Immerse in the Japanese language with the Ultimate online dictionary Add-on (BETA version)

GlotDojo Premium add-on shows you Romaji, compound words, dual subtitles, and provides full control with shortcut keys anywhere on the internet.

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“A different Add-on that you’ve been longing for”
Japanese is a language of compound words and general translation tools can't show you that. But GlotDojo Add-on solves this with just a mouse-over, even on video subtitles.
"Rakuten is finally useful for Japanese learners"
Watch movies or TV shows with Romanized subtitles, auto-pause, and custom speed on all popular platforms, not just Netflix. This Is definitely the best way to catch new vocabularies in context.
“A great supplement to classroom learning”
Learning outside the classroom is important. Let your ears tune in to different accents and speech of speaking while watching movies and reading Japanese news online.
Japanese made easy - just a mouse-over away
GlotDojo’s powerhouse Japanese add-on shows you Romaji, auto-pronunciation, compound words, stroke order, mnemonics, and more - anywhere on the internet. Just hover, done!
A full-fledged, interactive dictionary
Detailed definition with Romaji, images, and examples
Component breakdown: character explained & how it is written or pronounced
Common compound words
Homophones - characters with similar pronunciation
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Understand any text on mouse-over
Detect compound words, idioms, slang, noun phrases
As you hover, GlotDojo automatically detects any slang, idiom, noun phrase or compound noun, rather than individual characters.
Grammatical word explanation
If a word has a specific grammatical function, GlotDojo will link you to the related grammar topic for detailed explanation.
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Deep Japanese immersion with unique video features
Dual subtitles with Romaji/ Hiragana
Hover for pop-up dictionary
Auto-pause, speed control
Printable subtitles with Romaji/ Hiragana (coming soon)
Shortcut keys for easy control
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If people love using it, so can you
Our team adopts the principle of “Don't make me think” by Steve Krug and strives to make an intuitive, simple, and as-effective-as-possible Chinese add-on that everyone enjoys.
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