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Learn any language x3 faster

with the most powerful translator for videos and webpages

Experience a light, friction-free pop-up dictionary made for videos and webpages, dual subtitles mode, and multiple shortcut keys for full control over videos.

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Brushing up on your language skills now feels LESS of a task and MORE of actual enjoyment

Watch movies with dual subtitles, look up new words, auto-pause and guess the subtitles, change the speed, save favorite sentences, and more
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Learn while browsing the Internet or doing your daily tasks

No need to commit to a time-intensive course. You can learn in the background, with the content you like, whenever you want.

Create your language immersion environment wherever you are

Get your ear tuned in to different accents, pace of speech, and know how words you see sound like without going anywhere far.

Meet a well-crafted, specialized dictionary for Chinese and Japanese learners

Elevate your Chinese & Japanese comprehension level with grammar, component breakdown, stroke, and more in one place.

Fit language practice into your daily routine

Whether you're reading news, watching Netflix, Amazon, or surfing Facebook or Youtube, GlotDojo is always there for you.

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Compatible with most websites

Instantly translate text, webpage, and videos

  • CNN, Chinese news
  • Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
  • Netflix, Amazon, WeTV, iQ, Viki
  • Coursera, Udemy

Dual subtitles availability

Save time switching between native & translated subtitles and grab the vocabulary of your target language in context.

  • Netflix, Youtube, Amazon
  • iQ, WeTV, Viki

Shortcut keys for watching Netflix

Always miss parts of what Hugh Jackman says for his Aussie accent? Love his accent and actually want to learn it? Our shortcuts got you covered:

  • Adjust the video speed,
  • Quickly get to next/previous sentence,
  • Repeat/ delay subtitle
  • Auto-pause mode,
  • Save your favorite scenes

Advanced dictionary for Chinese and Japanese

Struggling with pronunciation? Often forget the meaning of strokes? Need a dictionary with grammar? Use GlotDojo.

  • Show pinyin, hiragana, kanji
  • Separate and define each character of a word
  • Detect compound words
  • Grammar & memorization tips

A tool crafted by language lovers, for language learners

Friendly UI, constant update, devoted support team.

A tool crafted by language lovers, for language learners

Friendly UI, constant update, devoted support team.

Pain-free install

Pain-free install

  • Ad-free
  • Risk-free
  • Actually free
  • Easy to use
Responsive customer service

Responsive customer service

  • Email Support
  • Community support
  • Step-by-step tutorials
Quality guaranteed by an expert team

Quality guaranteed by an expert team

  • Made language products with +2.000 5-star ratings on Chrome store
  • Support 200k+ users weekly

Immerse in the language you learn with the most powerful dictionary extension.

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